Poole Borough Chaplaincy
Pastoral Support for employees of the Borough of Poole.{gallery}pbc:200:160:0:2{/gallery}Poole Borough Chaplaincy is supported by the Borough or Poole’s Personnel
and Training Department, and overseen by a Chaplaincy Management
Committee, chaired by Andrew Williams. Local Authority representation includes 2
Council Members and 2 Council staff.
Whilst our church sends a representative on this Management Committee too.
Currently that representative is Alison Dalton, Our Church Related Community Worker

The Assistant chaplain works to an action plan designed after consultation, and  overseen by the Chaplaincy Management Committee.
The action plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Education and Training
  • Networking
  • Chaplaincy Development
  • Civic
  • Pastoral Care
  • Projects

A full copy of the action plan can be supplied on request by Contacting Mark.
Mark Phillips Tel: 07980 002676

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