The Parkstone United Reformed Church

Parkstone United Reformed Church is situated in Lower Parkstone along the main (commercial road) leading down to Poole Park, the Civic Center, Town Center and of course the Harbour.
From the outside, although a noticeable building built in the late 1800's. The external view hides its true splendour and the maze of wonderful rooms, halls, gardens and facilities. But of more consequence of course is the beautiful main Church with its wonderful Stained Glass windows facing you; either as a member of the congregation, or reverant service. Not forgetting the classic Organ to the right of the stage.
More important is the amazing atmosphere and the relaxed feeling of calm, peace and comfort within the hall and the Church as a whole.
Extremely active within the Lower Parkstone and Poole area the Church is well known as a friendly meeting house and support location to many local groups and organisations – both Faith Groups and Community Groups – from the Poole Passion Play,  Bournemouth Orchestra’s and Dance Show Rehearsals.. to humble local Art workshops.

Our Vision...

We at Parkstone United Reformed Church, home of the Parkstone Christian Center  have developed a vision and mission statement to express our feelings about why we are here.

Our Mission Statement is...

"The people of Parkstone United Reformed Church are here to share God's love for all through welcome, service and care."

Our Vision Statement is...

Because of this understanding of who we are and what we are here for we welcome many groups and organisations to use these buildings, our home.
•We will serve all within the community by sharing our faith through worship, people, resources, and buildings.
•We will welcome and care for all those we meet.
•We will explore what our belief means in our lives today through different styles of worship, as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
•We will continue our long history of challenging the injustices we see in our society today. 
•To grow by working together with our covenanted partners - St Peter's and St Osmund's with Branksea St Mary's as well as other Churches in Poole. We will treasure God's gift of creation, as we experience it.


Ok so What's On...!

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